Intent, Implementation of RE at St. Aidan’s School


At St. Aidan’s, it is our duty to see our mission and vision embedded across the RE curriculum, and the whole wider curriculum beyond. This sits alongside the Gospel Values which are inextricably linked through everything we teach.

As a Catholic school, the RE curriculum is central to the whole school curriculum and underpins all teaching. It is a core subject and we follow the ‘Come and See’ scheme of work.

It is also our intention that pupils at St. Aidan’s will enjoy their R.E lessons. RE lessons should be faith-filled, enjoyable lessons where each child feels they belong to our school community.

We are committed to the Catholic faith, recognising and valuing every individual as special and unique in the image and likeliness of God.

Religious Education at St. Aidan’s respects and promotes each child’s capacity for wonder, awe, reverence and spirituality. Our curriculum leads our children to aspire not to have more, but to be more; children are taught about God’s love; Christian responsibilities; children are provided with experiences of church, as well as being taught to be respectful and understanding of people and traditions from other Faith backgrounds.

These intentions fall in line with our mission statement; ‘Living and growing with Christ’.



At St. Aidan’s we follow the ‘Come and See’ Religious Education programme in line with guidance from the diocese. This programme is followed throughout school from Reception to year 6.

‘Come and See’ provides:

  • Opportunities for celebration, prayer and reflection in implicit and explicit ways.
  • Children with the language of religious experience.
  • Opportunities to explore and develop religious stories, and events.
  • Appropriate materials about other Faiths.


In R.E children explore religious questions about life. Links are made with children’s own experiences and universal experience. It will raise questions and provide material for reflection. It enables children to explore their beliefs, values and way of life.


Overview of content:

  • ‘Come and See’ is taught through a series of 9 topics exploring:
  • Community of faith- church
  • Celebration in ritual- sacraments
  • Way of life- Christian living
  • Other faith traditions are also explored through discreet topics.

The process for delivering the topics in ‘Come and See’ has three stages – Explore, Reveal and Respond which enables the pupils with the development of knowledge, understanding, skills and the fostering of attitudes.



Ongoing informal assessment against the standard indicators and formal assessment tasks are used to inform planning and to identify areas for focus and support. Assessment is moderated internally.

The implementation of our Religious Education is a fundamental theme throughout the school with gospel readings in assembly, opportunities for spontaneous prayer, spiritual journey books, class masses and whole school masses.




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