At St. Aidan’s Primary School, our school council is a group of children that represents the views of all our pupils. It gives our children the opportunity to have their voices heard and be part of the whole school community. They help to makes decisions about school life and organise projects that support learning and development, such as organising charity events, theme days or representing the school at outside events.

We value the opinions of our pupils and our school council gives pupils a forum to share these opinions with Mrs Hughes. We meet with Mrs Hughes fortnightly to discuss new ideas for our school.

Who are the School Council representatives?

A new school council is elected each year and is made up of 2 representatives from each class from Year 1 to Year 6. In Reception 2 children are paired up with 2 year 6 representatives.  All school council representatives are elected by their peers at the beginning of each academic year.

School council aims:

  • To meet regularly to discuss their views and be heard.
  • To organise whole school and class events
  • To organise charity days
  • To make sure children are not alone in the playground.
  • To make sure our school is a happy and safe place for all of our children
  • To make sure children have a place to voice their concerns, opinions, and thoughts
  • To encourage all children in school to suggest ideas and improvements
  • To ensure any suggestions or concerns are listened to and acted upon.
George, Naomi, Dylan, Somi, James, Alana, Reuben. Lucia, Harry, Olivia, Raf, Delphie and Reception pupils
George, Naomi, Dylan, Somi, James, Alana, Reuben. Lucia, Harry, Olivia, Raf, Delphie and Reception pupils

School Councillors

Hello we are the school councillors.


James - “I want to help and I have good ideas.”

Alana- “I want to inspire the students of St. Aidan’s and help the World, not just the school.”

Reuben- “I want to take care of Reception.”

Lucia- “We are always here for you. So, if you need to – come and find us.”

Dylan- “We are here for you all.”

Somi- “I want to encourage people.”

Sammy- “If you need help. We will guild you.”

Raf- “I want to make the school a better place so everyone is happy.”

Delphie- “I want us all to have equal and better chances.”

Naomi- “I want to help.”

George- “I am confident.”

Harry- “I want to help make changes to the school.”

Olivia- “I want to be a role model for other students.”

Clara- “I want to help reception pupils be included in decisions.”

What have we been doing?

School council planned ideas for World Mental Health Day on 10th October. Out theme was ‘kindness is power.’

We wrote kindness messages to children who were feeling sad or lonely. They could then take a kindness message and read it.

Each class wrote a kindness letter to someone else in school which was presented in assembly time. Kindness certificates were also awarded.