At the start of each academic year, Mrs Hughes appoints a number of Year 6 pupils to be ‘prayer Leaders’.

The Pope says, ‘…by learning from one another, we can better reflect that wonderful multifaceted reality that Christ’s Church is meant to be. She will be able to attract young people, for her unity is not monolithic, but rather a network of varied gifts that the Spirit ceaselessly pours out upon her, renewing her and lifting her up from her poverty’ (Christus vivit, 207).

What does a Prayer Leader do?

Prayer Leaders have a special role in St Aidan’s Catholic Primary School. They meet regularly with the guidance of Mrs Hughes to reflect on, and further develop, the prayer life of the school.

They focus on faith in action at St. Aidan’s and look out for children showing Gospel values around the school. The children that are picked are awarded in Assembly.

  • Prayer Leaders are excellent role models for others in the school community.
  • Prayer Leaders discuss and choose which charities the school will support each year. They are then responsible for organising, promoting and participating in charity events.
  • Prayer Leaders lead acts of worship in classrooms and assemblies and support others to lead worship.
  • Prayer leaders work with our younger children in the school, reading them bible stories and leading prayer and well being groups
Loneh, Sophia, Nahla, Michael, Callum, Sammy and Liam
Loneh, Sophia, Nahla, Michael, Callum, Sammy and Liam

Prayer leaders

Sammy- “I want to make sure everyone is not left out.”

Liam- “No one should ever feel sad at St. Aidan’s. If you are- find us, we will help.”

Michael- “Our job is to take care of the St. Aidan’s family.”

Callum- “If you are in trouble or need someone to talk to. We are here.”

Sophia- “As prayer leaders we want to guide the children of St. Aidan’s in prayer.”

Nahla- “I want everyone to be happy.”




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