The St. Aidan's School Association has become an integral part of the school community, actively fundraising for many years. The monies raised have served to improve equipment and resources to support the school in delivering education for our children, and the facilities in school in general, such as:  a new changing facility, a suite of Ipads, lighting for school productions, a new server to support the school's ICT infrastructure. Currently the School Association is raising money to help fund a new multi-surface paying area - the work is due to take place during the Summer 2016.

Whilst fundraising is the primary objective, it is more than that. We are currently a small committee led by co-chairs Louise Tomassi and Gabrielle Taylor, supported by Class Reps, seeking to provide closer links between home and school. It is an excellent way to bring together parents, friends, staff and children in a fun atmosphere to work together towards a common goal.

It is fun! Come and ask any of us. There are times when it is more ‘challenging’, but with the continued support of parents and staff, our joint efforts are always successful.

All parents are automatically members of the School Association and are very welcome to get involved at any level: Help on a one off occasion or join us and become a full committee member!

All ideas are welcomed and we are very approachable.

We aim to send out regular newsletters to update parents on forthcoming events and other relevant information. We run many fund raising events and activities throughout the school year: social nights, firework evening, Christmas Bazaar, discos, cake sales, uniform sales etc. Not only do these social occasions raise much-needed funds for the school, they also help reinforce the sense of community.

We have a post-box in the school reception area to communicate with us, along with email (see below).

We are a registered charity: 1128872

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School Fund

The school fund is where each family is asked to contribute, to help towards extra materials, outings and activities. The Governors recommended a minimum contribution of £30 per child per annum, £40 per family (more than one child). However, parents can give a larger amount if they wish.

There is a Charging and Remission Policy for those families who have genuine difficulty in meeting any contribution. (Please see the Headteacher in confidence)

Direct debit forms are available from the school office along with Gift Aid forms for tax payers.

Cheques should be made payable to St Aidan's School Association. As we are a registered charity we are able to claim the tax/gift aid.

If you would like to contact us/require any further information, please contact us via our email:




TEL:  01737 556036
FAX:  01737 558444


Twitter: @St_Aidans_Sch